The Story of OptMyADS

At OptMyADS, we all get to grow. We get to work with really smart people who stretch our thinking, doing what we love and what we’re good at.

Who We Are

OptmyADS partners with brand owners with the data and insights to build a successful brand. While using the most successful tools and partners, we’re able to build long lasting successful relationships with our clients. OptmyADS started from two successful brand owners which brings successful insight to Amazon success.

Our Mission

The mission of OptmyADS is to bring exemplary service and results driving our customers additional growth and profits. Our focus is to be extraordinary at managing ads while working with our clients to next level success.

Our Values

Complete Transparency, High Integrity, and prideful about our Honesty. We have a complete focus on your goals and are fully dedicated to helping build your business.

Live To GIVE - K9s4Camo

OptmyADS co-founder John Lopez is a veteran who has made it his life-long mission to work with other brothers in arms in their time of need. John Lopez also founded non-profit K9’s for Camo which focus on providing service dogs for veterans. The foundation has been able to save, train, and provide over 50 service dogs to our nation’s veterans. Find out more about K9’s for Camo here.


We are also blessed to be partnered with African Vision of Hope, who provides free education for over 3,000 children. School in Zambia is not free. Most children do not have the opportunity to receive an education, and instead begin working to help to provide for their families at a very young age. We donate a part of every sale to help support this life changing ministry. Find out more about African Vision of Hope here.

Check out some photos of co-founder Matthew Campbell’s last trip to Zambia to visit African Vision of Hope.

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